Thank you for trusting us as a lunch provider. You are just a few steps away from being setup in our lunch solution.

Feel free to also send this page to your employees in case they have questions.

  • 1. Register yourself and ask employees to register by using the link you should have gotten from our support. This link connects the employee to your company.
  • 2. When your user is registered. You can access «Min side«, which can be found at the top of the page. Or by going to: https://lunsjhuset.no/logginn/
  • 3. Enter your display name (Visningsnavn) which will be used to mark your lunch, and then save your profile.
  • 4. Go to «Endre dine lunsjvalg» to select which lunches you want. Remember to preform this before 12.00 the working day before the day you are ordering for. For Mondays you have to do your choice before 12.00 the Friday before.
  • See the page in Norwegian

Your choice must be done before 12.00 the workday before delivery. So lunch delivered on a Friday, must be done before 11.59 on the Thursday before.

For Mondays you have to do your choice before 11.59 the Friday before.

All choices are saved automatically. You can verify this by doing your choice, wait two seconds and refresh the page. If you see your choice, you know its been saved.

No, per default the choice is to not get any lunch. If you leave it like that you will not get any lunch. For days you would like to not have lunch delivered you can just leave them empty or manually select the «Ingen lunsj» option.

By inputting a displayname (Visningnavn) we will mark your delivery with this. If anyone ends up using the same displayname we also by default mark our choices with a user ID, you can find this under «Din profil» marked as «Bruker ID.»

This is done automatically when registering using your companies link or by being added by an administrator in your company. As an employee you dont need to anything in this regard.